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Do you have a nagging sense that your team is not living up to their full potential?

You want to learn how to 2x/5x/10x their productivity and performance but don't know how?

You're able to get them to achieve the current tasks by pushing your team, but you always wish they could perform independent of you, so you would have the time to work on more strategic initiatives and grow your business.

Your team is either too complacent or just not driven. There is a lack of initiative, when you want them to either work on a new project or a change initiative. They have challenge in coordination, heck they have egos stopping them. It gets quite emotional at times and then they bring all conflicts to you. Finally the decision needs to be taken by you...

You want to see them working together, but they work in silos. You have tried everything under the sun to make them become more collaborative and creative but it just doesn't seem to happen...

You have great plans for your business but with this team, it's just not gonna work!

As a leader you have to constantly produce real-time results and you feel like you are cycling hard on a standing cycle, going no where.

With no time to balance your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual areas, and time running out, you want to start living the life you always dreamt of when you started this business.

Do you REALLY want to break-free?

Are You Ready To Create A Team That Not Just Survives, But Thrives Through Challenges And Scales Your Business Newer Heights?

Join Our Elite "Become The Leader Your Team Can Die For!"© (BTLD) Program

This program is packed with practical tools, frameworks, insights, and inspiration to help you become a resonant leader, overcome obstacles to create a high performing team, where you create a well bonded team, a team that loves, trusts and respects each other, and are ready to go to any length to support you in achieving your goals even when you're not physically present, giving you the time freedom you always wanted.

With actionable strategies for everything from team relationship management to mindset shifts, this program is a must for anyone who's ready to take charge of their leadership destiny, achieve their business goals while making their professional and personal dreams a reality.

Where Are You Right Now

Our 3 Pillars For

Become The Leader Your Team Can Die For Program

Modern Leadership Mastery System

Unleash Higher Team Performance On Auto-Mode!

  • Step 1 : Discover Your Essence : From Inner Turmoil To Inner Peace

    Unlock your innate leadership potential —harness your innate strengths, dismantle barriers, and redefine your inner connection for transformative growth.

    What is great leadership and what differentiates best leaders from the average? How can you improve your capacity and sustain effectiveness while managing daunting responsibilities and inevitable challenges of your role? How can you become a soulful leader for your team in a way that they want to work for you, now and forever!

    In this module we help you unearth your hidden self and reflect on how you execute business strategies, lead people, manage conflicts, culture and change while removing any existing blind spots. This foundation step will delve in your subconscious and give you the answers you always wanted to create a sense of calm & lead your team with confidence on the unlit path to success.

  • Step 2 : Restore Bonds With Heart & Purpose : From Loner To Joyful Teams

    Eradicate barriers in team relationships, elevate trust to new heights, foster a thriving culture of teamwork and delight.

    You think you know your teams, but when it comes to getting results from them, you wonder if its true. You keep pushing them and try your best to get them to help you reach your goals, but nothing seems to work. You have tried carrot & stick approach but it is only temporary. There could be deeper trust and connect but it seems a bit far fetched right now.

    In this step, we coach you on how to build higher trust with your team and within the team, so that you can stop chasing them and squeeze out higher productivity from them while widening your bottom lines.

    This new way will help you build deeper bonds with them and become the leader your team adores.

  • Step 3 : Communicate To Empower: From Under-Utilized To Empowered Teams

    Unleash Team Power with Authentic Communication, Pave the Way with the Liberty of Time!

    Most of the leaders struggle in finding the right strategy to ensure their teams respond to them when needed. Its one thing to have a team, its another to be able to lead them with right communication at the right time, handle difficult conversations, give them feedback, be their coach or a high impact speaker.

    In this final step, having created your true self and rebuilding relationships by learning about your team, you will now be able to build a team inspired by the "real" you, so much so that they want to follow you forever.

    When this happens, your team is ready to do anything for you and follow your goals even when you are happily sipping champagne on the beaches of the world and having the time freedom to live the life you always wanted!

Other Bonuses

Here's more what you will get in this program -

  • Unveil your inner evolution, and watch as an extraordinary ripple effect elevates every facet of your being—from cherished personal bonds and social connections, to holistic health & vitality, from financial prosperity to leaving a legacy of your leadership.

  • Unlock the power of perception - forge stronger connections, deliver remarkable results, and align seamlessly with clients, stakeholders, peers, and your board.

  • You will become a complete leader, and embrace a life of pure fulfillment.

  • Understand your spiritual world devoid of negativity, overthinking, anxiety and fear while being able to control your thoughts and finally your actions that are not supporting you.

Some of Our Clients

  • Bizongo

  • Competence Curve

  • Eicher

  • FICCI-FLO (Ahmedabad, Bangalore)

  • GS1

  • Top Rankers

  • Lawsikho

  • Multiplier

  • MBRS Group Pvt. Ltd.

  • HNA & Co.

  • 360 ECS Consultancy

  • Suez

  • Shasun Chemicals

  • Whirlpool

  • Cooper Bussmann

  • Kohler

  • Hidesign

  • Mylan

  • DBL Corp.

  • Lenovo

  • Cognizant

  • GRT Hotel & Resorts

  • Phocos Germany

  • Atithi Hotel

  • Jaipur Wax Museum

  • Udaan


  • Ashok Beach Resort

  • The Residency Hotels


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Coached over 1500+ leaders globally...

What Do Our Clients Say About Our Program

Joquin Melara

Chief Operations Officer, The Knowledge Graph

Conference, New York, U.S.A

It is difficult to quantify how much time, money, and energy can be wasted if intent and execution are not explicitly defined. I am very happy with the interactions and coaching I have received. The biggest value add was the awareness of idealistic leadership behaviors and principles one may not otherwise pondered on their own. You will get the framework of what you can do to improve, and principles, while proactively working with you to prioritize and deliberately work on your goal's top value drivers.

You will not get this sort of white glove service from just anyone.

Shruti Jobanputra

Founder & CEO, Sharav Enterprise, Ahmedabad, India

Sometimes we need someone to tell us whether we are going the right direction and also if we are making a blunder. I will say all experts also need a coach at some point.

I have found a sense of the pathway ahead and known how what to prioritize things. This coaching helped me to be accountable towards my goals and achieve them.

I was handled very patiently with a lot of effort, and timely nudges.
If you're thinking of a coach, I would say follow them with full faith and belief to take you to your goals as they will!

Arnab Chatterjee

CXO, Business Head, FMCG GTM Strategist, Pune, India

Sindhuja is one rare gem of a coach who has that ability to really get beneath the skin and draw out the true self. She has this great approach where she keeps guiding you, but never offers her solutions but waits for the person to arrive at it.

She is the best executive coach I have had the privilege to work with, she also uses all the latest tools available to get at a lot of data points which immensely help in the coaching sessions.

Harsh Gagrani

Co-Founder, Top Rankers

I've had the privilege of working with Sindhuja as my leadership coach, and it's difficult to overstate the positive impact she has had on both my professional and personal growth. Her guidance, insights, and unwavering support have been instrumental in helping me navigate complex leadership challenges with confidence and clarity.

Sindhuja possesses a remarkable ability to truly understand her clients' individual strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. She creates a safe and empowering environment where I felt comfortable exploring my vulnerabilities and pushing past my comfort zone. Through thought-provoking conversations and targeted exercises, she helped me uncover hidden potentials and develop a more authentic leadership style while creating time to serve my personal aspirations.

One of the things I appreciate most about Sindhuja is her genuine commitment to my success. She goes above and beyond to provide personalized strategies and resources tailored to my specific needs and goals. Her encouragement and belief in my abilities have been invaluable motivators, propelling me toward achieving new heights in my career. I wish her all the best in her future journeys with her clients.

Meenakshi Saraswat

Business Owner, Jaipur, India

Sindhuja is one of the best human beings, coaches, and facilitators I have ever come across. Only people who are evolved to a great extent can do justice and add value to the great roles of a coach.

Sindhuja with her immensely rich experience, balanced approach, calm demeanor, systematic and proven techniques can help bring the best out of you.

An opportunity to be coached by a Senior like her is quite a wonderful experience for life.

If you want to achieve a real breakthrough level of performance, set high standards of performance, extract great performance out of your team and achieve all your personal and professional targets in an accelerated time frame , then having a coach by your side can be immensely helpful and reduce your efforts to half.

Her coaching style is so safe that you feel like uncovering the layers within and it helps in unlocking the bottlenecks to flow freely. Enough of waiting. Trying yourself hasn't got you what you wanted, dive in and see the difference for yourself with Sindhuja!

Sandeep Kumar

HR Head, Udaan, Bangalore, India

Sindhuja was my coach and guided me through a super structured and highly transformational system.

She is a thorough professional and at the same time displayed high levels of empathy and patience. She was there with the right nudges wherever I needed them.

With her help, I was able to identify and simplify key aspects of my personality and she helped me incorporate some empowering routines and accountable systems to sustain the changes.

I would highly recommend her to any working professional working in high-growth and rapid change environments. I also wish her the very best in her journey of coaching and empowering people!

Video Testimonials

Rajat Pendharkar, Depy GM - Tech, Multiplier

Ashish Bobade, Head, Software Quality Assurance, CeX

Rajeevsharan Kohli, CEO, Jaipur Wax Museum

The Core Team

Sindhuja Rai, Co-Founder & CEO, Mpower

Sindhuja is an experienced executive coach, consultant, and facilitator. Sindhuja is certified by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and heading for MCC, a level earned by only 4% of ICF coaches. 

Beyond her education and credentials, Sindhuja has a track record of helping leaders successfully build their company, grow their people, and shape a culture that is both productive and nurturing to the human spirit. Sindhuja does this by helping clients develop greater self-awareness, self-management, and interpersonal competencies such as empathy, organizational awareness, and conflict management.  

Leaders learn how to solve problems collaboratively and practice the art and science of having difficult conversations with a blend of truth and grace. Sindhuja ensures that her clients improve in ways that support their company’s goals, strategy, and desired culture. She believes coaching is best achieved in a holistic model, in the context of the whole person. 

While she leads clients through a process to reach their business goals, she also helps them create a personal preferred future and what it takes to achieve it! As a leader becomes more of who they truly are, they become a light to inspire others to grow and fulfill their potential. 

With over 37 years of extensive experience in the diplomatic communication, journalism, human resource, business development he is a multi-linguist in English, French and German. He has been associated with varied French diplomatic missions and organizations where he has led many international projects and travelled across continents for their implementing. Today, he supports the leaders by becoming a more impactful & confident speakers where they are able to step up their inner potential.

He believes every leader needs to know how to communicate effectively without which it is impossible to lead high performing teams.

Saikat Bhattacharya, Co-Founder & Director, Mpower

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